GPS App is an online application that helps you import and organize your GPS data with a focus on navigation. View maps and elevation profiles of your activities and clean up your data for sharing.

GPS App Features

GPS Track Management

  • Sort by import date, name, and date created; filter by activity.
  • Edit name, color, and description; assign outdoor activities.
  • View track map and elevation profile chart.
  • Create new tracks online using interactive mapping tool.
  • Add start or end waypoints with the click of a button.
  • Edit individual track points (elevation, latitude, longitude, etc.)
  • Copy and paste tracks.
  • Key stats: length, total climb/descent, max/min elevation, average speed, and total time.
  • Reverse tracks to run from finish to start.
  • Optimization tools trim track file sizes by up to 40%.
  • USGS elevation lookup to replace faulty sensor data.

Import Functions

  • Import data from your Garmin GPS through the browser.
  • Import GPX, KML, or TCX files from your computer
  • Preview and name imported tracks and waypoints before saving


GPS Waypoint Management

  • Sort waypoints by date imported or name; filter by symbol.
  • Nearly 100 waypoint icons to choose from.
  • Edit waypoint names and descriptions.
  • Create new waypoints using online mapping tool.
  • Clickable waypoint markers show name and description.

GPS File Management

  • Sort GPS files and organize using custom groups.
  • Create files from any track or waypoint.
  • Share GPS files or make private with the click of a button.
  • Download files in GPX or KML format.
  • View map, elevation profile, and stats for all tracks in a file.
  • Nearby waypoint and track suggestions.
  • Add and remove tracks and waypoints.
  • Edit name, description, and activity information.

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